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Llanelli, United Kingdom
Hi. I'm David, I have been studying special effects painting and decorating for past 3 years (qualified in the summer of 2011). My business offers special effects decorating (i.e marble, wood grain, stencil work, rag and bag effects). I also offer unique hand painted dinner table settings and objects d’art. I take great pride in my specialist work and have a real love and passion for re-creating nature. Everything I create is done and finished to a high standard to look as real as it can weather its marble or wood effects. A lot of the things I work on are re-claimed or items that are damaged and unwanted as well as new, I restore as much as I can and bring it back life with my own artistic touch. If you are looking to order and buy a dinner set or want to enquirie about any other comission work please contact me. 01554 772231 or 07846 078119 davidleeke@btinternet.com Don't forget the blog archive for older post and photos.

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Monday, 12 December 2011

New website up

My website is up and has been for a few months just not had much time on my blog to update and send a link till now. But here is my website link www.idlpainting.co.uk online shop will be coming soon.
Thanks all

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dinner set for two

One of the dinner sets I do. This set is based on an Azul form of marble and is for two people, however I also do sets for four, six and eight people. When painting vains I use artist brushs and feathers.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Marble effects on Planters and vases

Herb planters with a Sienna marble finish.
Flower planters with an Alicante finish.

Vase with a Marquina marble finish.




Restoring a stone bust and adding a marble finish

I picked up this bust of a young child from a re-claim yard. She had a fair amount of weather damage to her face and under the chin which I was able to restore and then gave her a blue toned carrara marble finish. She was not a marble stone to start with as you will see from the photos now.

Wood grain effects

The first few picture are an oak grain effect.


The next few pictures are of two different bur grains.

These pictures are of a Mahogany wood grain.